Nation of Bike Riders

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The 2015 Bicycle Network annual member drive just kicked off and I can finally show some of the illustrated content I got to work on leading up to the launch.

This years campaign theme was ‘A nation of bike riders.’ This was a great opportunity to continue the illustrated style we had established earlier this year with the NSW ‘Vote Bike’ campaign. In essence the artwork and campaign message had to clearly and easily communicate the aspiration of an Australia that had become a leader in active transit.

While we conjured up a few grand ideas for showing this using cgi and a large composite matte, in the end a simpler approach fit the bill. The core values of the campaign were checked off with a couple of key visuals mapped out fittingly with a very clear active transit identifier. As the artwork had to scale for digital ads, it needed to be easily read as a whole while still being savy with it’s intrinsic elements alone.

The end result was a fun and playful piece which successfully launched our month long member drive while also continuing the tradition of illustrated campaigns we set out to achieve at the start of this year.

To check see the Bicycle Network annual member drive in full swing, take a visit here.

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